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台灣民歌歌詞欣賞及中英翻譯練習(六) 天天天藍

天天天藍/ 卓以玉
天天天藍 教我不想他也難
不知情的孩子 他還要問
你的眼睛 為什麼出汗
情是深 意是濃 離是若 想是空




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    I recently heard Tsai Chin (蔡琴) on blu-ray with this song. I decided to learn a bit more Chinese by translating the songs on the disc. I found this thread from Google. I found the other translations posted here helpful in my understanding. One comment I have: "(literally "sweating" but this makes no sense in English)" I think the reason why the lyricist said "sweat" is that's exactly what an unaware child might say...


    Here is my contribution to this thread:


    Blue skies every day

    Makes it difficult for me not to think of him

    Like an unaware child

    He still asks about

    Your eyes

    Why do they perspire?

    Feelings are deep

    Affection is strong

    Leaving is bitter

    My thoughts are in vain



    台灣民歌歌詞欣賞及中英翻譯練習(六) 天天天藍 Taiwanese Folksong Appreciation With English Translation (6) Everyday a Blue Sky

    天天天藍/ 卓以玉 

    My version :)

    天天天藍          Everyday a blue sky,

    教我不想他也難 Teaching me not to think of him is difficult.
    不知情的孩子    This naive boy,

    他還要問          He still wants to ask.
    你的眼睛          Your eyes...

    為什麼出汗       Why are they teary? (literally "sweating" but this makes no sense in English)
    情是深             Passion is deep.

    意是濃             Intention is heavy.

    離是苦             Parting is sorrow.

    想是空             But thoughts are in vain.

    Thanks for sharing :)  Very lovely.

    Beneath the blue sky, I cannot help but think of him every day.

    The child who knows not what is love still asks me

    The reason why my eyes sweat.

    My love is deep. My thought is heavy. It is painful to leave him. It is in vain for me to think of him.

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