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I felt so embarrassed

I met a little doggy at the first floor when I left the elevator in my building this afternoon ,this doggy is ugly and looks like a little strange ,so I really didn't like it .
When I walked near it ,suddenly ,it ran to me ,I was so scared ,the owner of the doggy thought a so little doggy couldn't hurt any body ,especially me who is a strong girl ,so just ignored ,but I was too scared and then ran back ,because scared and too fast ,I lost one of my shoes ,but ,I didn't care about that I had lost one shoe ,because the doggy was still running to me ,I needed to run ,then I saw a man who is standing there to wait the elevator ,I hugged him suddenly as a kid.He smiled and told me "just a doggy just a doggy ,don't worry" in english ,then I looked at him ,he is a western guy .The owner of the doggy yelled at the doggy ,then the doggy run back to it's owner .The owner picked my shoe up ,wanted to return to me ,but when he was coming ,the doggy followed him too ,so I yelled at him "no no ,thank you ,you just need to control your doggy and leave here now "
The owner hugged his doggy and then went out ,I sent a embarrassed smile to the guy who i just hugged .
At that moment ,I really wanted to hide myself in one hole .It was too ridiculous, a little doggy could make me so scared !



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