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Bahasa Indonesia

BAHASA INDONESIA or people called it Bahasa is a national language in Indonesia. Beside have a national language, Indonesia have many traditional language, like Bahasa Jawa (usually used in Central Java or East Java), Bahasa Sunda (usually used in Banten and West Java), Bahasa Batak (North Sumatra), and many more.

Let me tell you some important word in Indonesian.

I : Saya / Aku
You : Anda / Kamu
She / He : Dia
They : Mereka
Our : Kita / kami
My name is (your name) : Nama saya (your name) / Namaku (your name)
I come from (your country, etc) : Saya berasal dari (your country, etc)
How are you? : Apa kabar?
I'm fine. How about you? : Saya baik, bagaimana denganmu?
Where the Museum Gajah is? : Dimanakah letak museum Gajah?

Okay, that all for now. Contact me if you want to know the others ;)




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