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Lies know they are lies

Everything is fair. Is it? Everything is fine. Is it? Yeap, everything is fine n fair.

One needs to bring a new harmony in the above lines. We always have to tell our self the truth. Truth is stranger than fiction. How many of you remember your first lie? You never remember it because when you did it, it doesn’t seem like a big deal once but doing these days after day can get your pretty sick. One need to protect him from his/her lies.

Lies never ever want to go away and they won’t. You will have to stalk them down. The lies you tell yourself, you can’t just simply kill them. You need to murder them. You need to carefully move towards them because they will be residing in someone who is certain of being honest with herself. (Read last line again).

When you find it, just snap the neck of lies and tell yourself to blow the life out of your lies. They might struggle at first but they won’t sustain for long. Lies know the truth. Lies know they are lies.

And when they will be gone, it will be your duty to clean the mess created by your lies. The lies once you had will have a new owner very soon. You can’t just kill the lies you tell yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t believe in anything. It just means you can’t believe in everything. Everything is not fine, and that’s okay. I would rather be a murderer than a liar.

Beautiful Quote: “I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”

Note: Thanks to my university mate for idea of this entry and more thanks to liars around me for giving me motivation to write this.

Note: Sorry I was not able to write the next part of my entry “Need more friends” or “Need ‘one’ friend like that. I actually wrote its second part but it was a bit catchy. So I decided not to share it. I might write about it in later entries. Till then have fun Liars.

Thanks for tolerating me guys.




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