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This Is Only A Test.

I am new to this website and am unfamiliar with how this feature works. It seems the most common use of this feature is to write a short entry in the language you are trying to learn and people who are more proficient in that language can suggest corrections or changes. This would be useful if you were trying to learn a foreign language or simply wanted to perfect your native language.
Is it also possible for people who are less proficient to read an entry and ask questions about any element that is unfamiliar to them? I wonder if there are any other ways in which this feature is used, or has been used in the past. I do know that it is difficult to proofread your own writing and even the most proficient linguist is bound to make mistakes. I am particularly prone to make mistakes while writing an entry. As well, my writing skills come mostly from (by?) rote and not from an understanding of any list of writing rules.
I welcome anyone who is trying to learn English or anyone with a suggestion for improvement, to make comments or ask questions.

This concludes our test of the Emergency Broadcast System.



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