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random verbs

علومی ماندن

در هم ادغام کردن

وابسته شدن

به خون کشیدن

به کار رفتن = To get working?

فرمانبرداری کردن = to obey?

دومی گرفتن

بازنویس کردن = to write about something?

تحصن کردن =

به خود گرفتن =

سر کشیدن =

به همه جا سر می کشید =

به خود جذب کردن =

به هم وصل کردن =

برگزار شدن = to be held, performed?

فرقی کردن = to make a difference?


نازش کردن

ناز کردن

پت پت کردن

سر بر کردن =

سر کردن =




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    برانداختن = to overthrow, ourturn

    نوازش کردن = to caress, to pet

    ناز کردن = to caress, to pet

    پت پت کردن = When someone can't speak properly in front of others because of fear, stutter, surprise, etc. To stammer

    سر بر کردن = I don't know what you were going to say

    سر کردن = It's an idiom. Spending time with someone when he/she have no other choice


    به همه جا سر می کشید = It's a kind of idiom describing a nosy person who always too interested in what other people are doing and wanting to discover too much about them



    به خود جذب کردن = to attract something or someone

    به هم وصل کردن = to join together, to connect together

    برگزار شدن = to be held

    فرقی کردن = to make a difference


    فرمانبرداری کردن = to obey


    دومی گرفتن = I don't know what yoy were going to say


    بازنویس کردن = to write again, re-write


    تحصن کردن = to organize a strike, to stage/hold a sit-in, organize a work stoppage


    به خود گرفتن = to take something personally


    سر کشیدن = drink or eat something completely in one breath

    او یک بطری آب را یک نفس سرکشید........> He drank 1 liter of bottled water in one breath


    به خون کشیدن  It's an idiom. It's a combination of words which always arrange like this to express a fact that a goup of innocent people or civilians have been killed. You can also say "به خاک وخون کشیدن" that means not only have they killed, but also their homes have been destroyed as well.

      درحمله هوایی دیشب تروریست ها، هزاران نفر به خاک و خون کشیده شدند..........> In the air srtike done by group of terrorists thousands of people were killed


    به کار رفتن= something that is used for making another thing


     A 3 liter v8 engine is used for making this BMW model

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