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Should pets be treated like a family member?

Hi everyone, this is a toefl exercise that I tried to write, and there might be a lot of mistakes and some things sound odd. So, Could you help me correct it?

Should pets be treated like a family member?

Nowadays, breeding domestic animals such as cats and dog are becoming popular. Almost every Thai family has pats. Some say these pets should be treated like a person, who lives in their house. In person, I would disagree with them since there are several reasons, namely uncontrollable behaviors, financial stabilization and unhygienic environment.

Many families breading pets tends to find a difficulty of coping with their good and honest friends. Actually some pets are not so domesticated. Cats, for example, can ruin their owner's estate by scratching, tearing or even misplaced peeing. All of this happens because they are animals that cannot understand human orders. Therefore, it seems to be quite impossible to treat them like a man.

Financial affair could be an obvious reason why there should not be the same standards. If people breed animals like a human, they might spend all of their money for those pets. High standard food, medicine and accessories cost a lot of money. As a result, it may have no reason for taking care of them such a way.

Many pets bring about improper hygiene. Since pets always exposure to dirt and dirty floors, they carry a lot of germs on therm. Then people play with them by hugging on their bed where should be the cleanest place. By doing this, people get sick from those germs, caring by their pets.

In conclusion, I think pets should not be treated like a person or one of your family members because of the fact that they are not a human, it is expensive to do this way and it might harm owner's health.




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