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Phrases I found on my sticky notes

All of these phrases are from a collection of sticky notes I had on my desktop.
자기야 어디 갔었어(jagiya eodi gass-eoss-eo) - Honey, where have you been?
생각하고 있어요(saeng-gaghago iss-eoyo) - I'm thinking
잊어버렸어요 (ij-eobeolyeoss-eoyo)- I forgot
너 이상해 (neo isanghae)- You're weird
짜증내지마 (jjajeungnaejima) – Do not be annoyed
신난다 (sinnanda) – Awesome
행복해요 (haengboghaeyo) – I’m happy
기뻐요 (gippeoyo) – I’m glad

이상 끝 is another thing I heard somewhere, but I don't know what it means. How do you use 이상 끝 when talking.




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