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i had a good time!

Yesterday,I met a friend who got to know from italki.He is French.I ate curry in lunch.We ordered naans.they are very big.Then,we went to a coffee shop.We talked about each other.Freanch is interebting because they have different culture.For example,they eat snails and sheep and so on.After that,we drunk beers.
When I came home,his girl friend had took me.
I had a very good time!




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    Yesterday, I met a friend who I got to know through from italki. He is French. I ate curry for in lunch. We ordered naans bread. They were are very big. Next Then,we went to a coffee shop. We talked about ourselves each other. Freanch is interesting because they have a different culture. For example, they eat snails and sheep and so on. Lastly,we drank beers. 

    When I came home, his girlfriend had took me. (His girlfriend took me home.)
    I had a very good time!


    Not bad! There were some minor grammatical and spelling erros but most of the structure was fine.

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