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Patients' mental attitude towards medical treatments determines their effectiveness.

Topic: In today's society, both Western medicine and traditional, complementary forms of medicines are widely known and used. The effectiveness of these kinds of treatments is determined by the patients’ mental attitude towards it.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
My essay:

It’s not surprising that while the global economy is heading for long-term prosperity, there are also remarkable advances in medicine & medical treatments. Western medicine and traditional, complementary medicines have never fallen out of favor, nevertheless, it is also patients’ mental attitudes towards various kinds of treatments that determine their success.
To begin with, doctors and medical practitioners have been using gentle persuasion and psychological methods for those who have negative view of some medical treatments. To illustrate this, there are still some skeptical people, who have no faith in the way medicines nowadays cure, thus they intentionally neglect doctors’ attempts to help them, or they don’t take recommended dosage seriously. As a result, not only is their health not restored, but it also becomes worse and worse.
Meanwhile, those who have positive outlook tend to recover easily, both physically and mentally. It also means the drugs have taken effect and the doctors can enhance their prestige thanks to the cooperation with easy-going patients. For instance, 25-year-old screenwriter Will Reiser, who had been diagnosed with a rare spinal cancer, struggled to beat it while others rarely could.
In contrast, there are some figures put into perspective as patients’ beliefs is not the crucial factor. Working equipments, specific remedies and even unexpected misfortunes are those taken into consideration. As a matter of fact, accidents are inevitable, especially in the place where hospital staff are irresponsible and not well-trained. It follows that doctors and medical practitioners also play a prominent role in deciding the treatments’ effectiveness.
Regardless of what is claimed to be more dominant, patients are the ones who need to get ready first for fear that it’s the cooperative patients who make better doctors. Also, curing people is the reason why medicine is born.
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