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오늘은 많이 비가 왔어요. 그래서 날씨가 정말 더웠다. 점심에 산책 할 때 땀이났어요. 산책하는 동안 꽃집에 가고 구경을했어요. 난 신기한나무들이 봤나요. 그리고 물꽃또 봤다. 지금은 집을 사고싶어요. 왜냐하면 정원을 만들어요.



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    1.오늘은 많이 비가 왔어요. => 오늘은 비가 많이 왔어요.

    In this sentence, it's more natural to put '많이' before the verb. However, I can't explain the reason to you. I am sorry.


    2.그래서 날씨가 정말 더웠다. => 그래서 날씨가 정말 더웠어요. 

    As you know, the korean language has many word endings that express respect. 더웠'습니다'. 더웠어'요', etc. There are several really important things that you should remember in order to speak the language very well. 

     In most cases, 'ㅂ니다' like '더웠습니다' and '-요' like '더웠어요' are interchangeable. However, generally speaking, when you write one post, if you use a particular ending at the beginning of the post, you should Keep using only it, or your post will be unnatural. This is the reason why I wrote 더웠어요 instead of 더웠다. I corrected many posts on other language exchange site, and I saw people who study Korean make this mistake really frequently, but maybe they tended to think this problem is petty. I would like to emphasize the importance.

    3. 점심에 산책 할 때 땀이났어요. => 점심에 산책 할 때 땀이V났어요.


    4. 난 신기한나무들이 봤나요. => 신기한V나무들요.

    4-1:'저' is appropriate for '-요' or 'ㅂ니다'. not '나', because '-요' and 'ㅂ니다' belong to very polite expressions, and '저' is politer expression than '나'. This fact, too, is really imporatnt. Keep it in mind.

    4-2: '을 and '를' are put behind objects. Since '나무들' is an object, '을' should be put, not 이, which is put behind subjects. The change of 'be verb' used to confuse me very much. You can be much better soon.

    4-3 '~나요' is for interrogative sentence.


    5.산책하는 동안 꽃집에 가고 구경을했어요. => 산책하는 동안 꽃집에 가고 구경을V했어요.


    6. 그리고 물꽃또 봤다. => 그리고 물꽃어요.

    '~도' means 'also' and '또' means 'again'.


    7. 지금은 집을 사고싶어요. 왜냐하면 정원을 만들어요. => 지금은 집을 사고V싶어요. 왜냐하면 정원을 만들거든요.

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