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cosmic Physics is governmented by cosmic laws.
suburban She holds some suburban views about life .
conceited He could not bear that they should be so conceited .
presumptuous It was presumptuous of him to take charge .
fatuous Television commercials seem more fatuous than ever .
senior I am senior to Michael by four years .
goodwill There is goodwill between the former enemies.
cricket Baseball and cricket differ .
inclination She has artistic inclination .
contest We entered a fishing contest .
orgy I indulged in an orgy of housework .
deduce We can deduce a lot from what people choose to buy .
competitive Nearly all the sports practiced nowdays are competitive .
patriotism They showed patriotism to their country .
disgrace They have disgraced the whole school .
savage They shot a savage lion .
combative Her indifference aroused perhaps his combative soul .
mimic -warfare At the international level ,sports is frankly mimic warfare .
behavior The headmaster will not tolerate bad behavior in class .
absurb It is absurb that they should deny my request
bat Bats are not birdseed but flying mammals.
strictly The prohibition against smoking on school grounds is strictly enforced .
utilitarian Is this attitude of ours utilitarian ?
appreciation She had no appreciation of the difficulties we were facing .
obstruction The lorry had been parked on the pavement ,causing an obstruction .
elapse Four years have elapsed since he went to London.
hull The outer surface of ship's hull is very hard .
interval The audience were going out for the interval .
receipt You have to sign here and acknowledge receipt .
apparentu So was born the echo-sounding apparatus,now in general use in ships.
shoal A shoal of fish will do this .
herring The young of some kinds of herring are canned as sardines.




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