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Scripting Our Own End

We the people of India have framed our constitution in order to govern ourselves but in practice it seldom worked for real Indians, real I mean the deprived communities whose plight provoked our freedom fighters to demand for complete independence from the colonial rule. Our constitution was framed In order to establish the government of the people, by the people, and for the people but in practice it always worked for handful of powerful and influential class of people. As matter of fact political power in this country has too long been the monopoly of a few and the many are only beasts of burden, but also beasts of prey. This monopoly has not merely deprived the downtrodden people of their chance of betterment; it has sapped them of what may be called the significance of life. These down-trodden classes are tired of being governed. This independence was only political in nature but our poverty level and illiteracy rate clearly depicts our fate of not being socially and economically independent, few optimists say that 6 decades of independence journey is too less time for serious introspection but such view is far away from reality.
In reality the government has hardly tried to develop the condition of the real Indians but in contrary it has shown lots of energy to ruin the poor by making draconian laws on the garb of sustainable development. The undeniable fact is that the tribal are the real nature lovers and the true custodians of their surrounding’s (Environment) but unfortunately the government which acts more as an owner of the natural resources and less as a trustee is displacing the custodians of nature (tribal) in order to allow the mining companies to destroy the nature for, making business out of it. How unfortunate it is to see our own tribal minister blaming our government for depriving the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the tribal by allowing the rich mining companies for the exploration of natural resources
We frequently hear through sensational news channels that our neighbouring countries are trying to cross the borders in order to attack us but, I shall say you that there is no need of a foreign enemy trying to destroy us when our own environmental violations are to destroying us in the form of calamities.




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