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Eye glasses make some people look good. 我喜歡你的眼鏡

Some people look good in eye glasses...
I think this is because like many other accessories the eye glasses can draw attention to the features around the object, such as a blemish free complexion. Domestic commercials portray beautiful models sporting fancy eye ware, having a good time looking good. the more i think about the adds and the appearance of those faces, the more i believe that it is the face itself which is beautiful and the eye glasses simply there to draw more attention. For other people the eye glasses accentuate the character or impression that the face portrays. Look at Allen Greenspan his glasses make him look more authoritative. I think without the glasses he would look less impressionable... Just a man with tiny eyes. Maybe that's it... Glasses make peoples eyes look bigger. For what ever reason people like to see the eye better. Culturally speaking, we Americans like to look people in the eye when we speak to them. Eye glasses draw attention to the face and eyes... Sometimes they help insecure people look into the eyes of others , I can't say... Anyways accessories can make a face look pretty, mysterious or intimidating... I don't feel like completing my thought on this subject at this time so I will leave this at that.




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