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I took this topic in the homepage of National geographic, because I watched this picture of Japanese snow monkey at first, there are many in Japan. The Japanese monkeys at hot spring have become notable for their winter visits to the spa like human.
Every year, some international student says to me that they want to go to Japanese snow monkey’s park in Japan. I didn’t understand at first why they wanted to go there. The snow monkeys which live everywhere in Japan are not so rare. I go through the cage of snow monkeys, when I go to the Zoo. But you know that there are no monkeys in Europe and North America.
Japanese monkey have strong hierarchical society, many scholars of Japanese University research on the monkey’s society; one of male monkey has strong power, second class is old female monkeys, third is young male monkeys and female monkey.
I thought that Japanese monkey like human. They have a many culture each group of monkey in the county. The monkey of north Japan go to the hot spring in the winter, which in some Island wash the potato in the sea and want to eat with sea water because that is tasty more than only potato to eat. Kyoto-university‘s scholar have observed the ecology of snow monkey in one of Island for 65years. They detected that one of young female monkey started to wash the potato and how to spread this culture. According to the ranking of group young monkey imitated to wash the potato at first, secondly old monkey , the Boss imitated at last, because the Boss wants to keep a power, it is not so easy for the boss to imitated young monkey’s culture like a human. Every time old man doesn’t allow young culture in the human society.
I felt a sense of closeness to the monkey, how do they deal with their stress.




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