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It is illegal

Today our government hands out a new law, that is, "Not visiting your old parents OFTEN is illegal"..maybe you can be sentenced to prison because of this Act.Actually, I don't really like this new are some reasons
1. We don't have a perfect holiday system guarantee.Many of my friends don't have vacations even when those national holidays are on the way, they don't have National Day(5-day holiday), or Middle-Autumn Day..or something else, so they don't have time for going home to see their parents..and after one or two years I'll be like that,too..Working all years long and no vacations at all. So it is easy for a Chinese citizen to break the law.
2. What about those students studying abroad?
3. What about those people who are working very far from their hometown?
4. Well..Where on the earth is our government's responsibility for taking care of old people?..Isn't there any insurance?
5. In our country, we've been obeying to this stupid"One Child Policy"..and many family only have one this law will give them more pressure.
6.Taking care of your parents is more of an ethical to implement this law? What exactly does it mean of"going visit your parents OFTEN"?..How often should it be? A day, two days?.A month, two months? A year?.A lot of years?.
7. Who is going to supervise those people who cannot visit parents often?
Well..I was wondering why our government doesn't do any practical things?..For example, no matter how many times our government hands out new policies against rapidly rising house prices, the prices still speed up...




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