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# 2 Watching polyglots´ videos and wishing I were like them

I was watching some videos in YouTube uploaded by polyglots who can speak many languages. I really enjoy seeing how some people can speak several languages so easily. They talk 7, 10 or 11 languages very fluently and I only speak one, my mother language!

Some of them seem to have a special talent to learn easily, almost without making any effort. Others enjoy the result of hard work after having spent many hours, months or even years working on what they wanted to learn.

I have not got such talent to learn by doing nothing, so I guess I must work hard to learn all the languages I want to. I know it will be difficult because it´s hard to focus my mind on one or two languages when there are many interesting and beautiful languages out there, but I will try and try. For now I will work only in English and French, but more in my English learning because it´s easier given that I can find many more resources in English than French.

However, I fight myself every day in order to try to focus on these 2 languages. The temptation to pick another language is hard, but I will win, I must win. :)



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