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To Learn Cantonese(An bilingual English & Chinese)..暑假學語言

Hello, everyone, I come from Hubei province, mainland China. I major in English and Japanese, and I am a college junior, and to me the university life will be over in only one year, I plan to find a job in Guangdong Province in the future .Because I don’t really want these work opportunities to pass by(I heard that working in coastal areas have more opportunities), so I think if I want to work there and earn respect from local people, I need to understand local cultures, and the most important medium of cultures is language.
Although we often say Cantonese, Wu and Min languages are dialects of Chinese (I know some people do not think so, because they’re truthfully not mutually intelligible, but a Chinese as I am, I don’t want to break the unity, like a Dutch may not tell you that they speak low German, and Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are intelligible to some extent.), but we cannot understand each other if we use our own dialects.
So I’m prepared to use two-month time to learn Cantonese,at least to learn her basics, I’ve got two excellent books, every lesson of which contains “conversation”, ”text”, ”grammar” and ”exercises”. I have the basic knowledge of Cantonese 9 tones, on the contrast, my mother tongue---southwestern Mandarin, only has 5 tones, and we don’t have the ”checked tones”(入聲), I don’t even know what checked tones are until I learn a little bit Korean…how shameful !!
I plan to learn Cantonese four to five days a week, because I also need to learn my major languages—English and Japanese every day, plus Deutsch, francais, castellano and russkij jazik. :))
We’re having the big final these days, and my plan is on the way, I feel great stir on the inside. O(∩_∩)O
大家好..我是湖北人...我的專業是英語和日語, 大三馬上就結束了..還有一年畢業, 我打算畢業后去廣東..聽說沿海的機遇比較多,而且我們這裡外企不多..我是學語言類的,但是我並不想當老師,所以我才想去廣東,如果我想贏得別人的尊重,我覺得最重要的是我應該瞭解一下當地的文化,而學習當地的語言是瞭解文化最好的途徑之一..於是乎我想利用暑假好好學一下粵語..我有兩本書還不錯, 每一課有--會話,課文,單詞, 語法+練習...我的方言有5個聲調..對於粵語的9個調我掌握個大概..我會每週花4~5天學習粵語,因為我還要學我的專業英語和日語,以及其他的語言諸如俄語,德語,克羅地亞語,拉丁語,韓語等.
我的教材如下圖...( T^T 不曉得我寫的這四個拼音對不對~~~)




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