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Please help me to check my "소개"

Hi! I will be taking an oral exam on introducing myself and then introduce someone else. I am not sure whether these sentences are correct or not. Please help me to correct it if you spot any mistakes :) Thank you.


저는 로사 예요. 만나서 반가워요.
I am Rosa. Nice to meet you.

저는 여자 예요.
I am a girl.

저는 홍콩 사람 이에요.
I am a Hong Kong people.

저는 _______대학교 학생 이에요.
I am a student in _____University.

저는 한국어 학생 이에요.
I am a student of Korean language.

이분은 우리 엄마 예요.
This lady is my mother.

인녕히 캐세요!
Good bye! (to people who are staying)

Are the above sentences correct?




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    ^_^ Good luck with your exam, I hope this helps.



               This is more formal.
    저는 (put your last name)로사입니다~ 만나서 반갑습니다.  (No spaces between 이다 and its object.)


    I would add your age here.


    저는 ___살입나다  (This uses the 하나 둘 셋 number system.)

    저는 여자 예요. (Why do you need to tell them that? If they can't tell it's scary, haha don't tell people you meet in person this... it's strange.)

    저는 홍콩에서 왔습니다. (You can also say 전 instead of 저는)

    지금 _______대학교에 다니는 학생입니다. 그리고 지금 한국어를 배우고 있습니다.

    여기 계시는 분은 저희 어머니입니다.
    This lady is my mother.

    인녕히 계세요~
    Good bye! (to people who are staying)

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