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3. Pronouns & Identification (English to Japanese Romaji)


For this notebook entry I will be using the following Japanese grammar;

'subject' wa 'compliment' desu

'Wa' is the particle that follows the subject, and 'desu' is the intransitive verb that links them. 'Desu' translates to is/be/are/am, and by not omitting it you keep the sentence formal. It's also worth mentioning that the Japanese do not have special forms to indicate whether something is singular or plural, or whether they are talking in the first, second or third person.

I, me (for boys) - Boku
I, me - Watashi
You - Anata

I am Robin - Watashi wa Robin desu
I am Robin - Boku wa Robin desu
You are Jasmin - Anata wa Jasmin desu
I am a student - Watashi wa gakusei desu




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