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I'm going to be a teaching assistant, sooo great!

We have an american teacher, he teached us computer system, Schecm and Java, and next term, he will teach us smalltalk. All of these are about computer programming. When the first time I took his class, our institute arranged two senior students to be translators and assistants. They have been studying abroad for a year, so their english are good, and their knowledge is good. I'm so admire them, I think it is an honor to be an assistant, so I hope I can do that.
I know my english is poor, so I have kept practicing hard for two years in college, but, I still can't translate for others, I even can't get the teacher's whole ideas. On the other hand, I work hard on class stuffs, professional skill must be essential, though I don't grasp it well.
I know why he invites me to be his assistant. Because I talked to him several times, and I told him what I want and who I want to be, and he would like to help me. So he gives me this chance to practice and learn this class deeper.
I will have many classes next term, and I' m the captain of our track and field team, and I have one project to do, I know it will be very busy, but I want to try, I have to push myself, otherwise, I can't how far I can go.
Now, my first thing is complete this final exam, with good grade, and then, I have many things to do in this summer vacation, I hope I can overcome my delay, I' m too lazy sometime.




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