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now i'm a little upset because of my fail exam. with 3 years studying, still i'm a losser. i know it's not the only way.but it means that i have to try my hard twice as much as others.




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    Now I'm a little bit upset because of my failed the exam. Despite 3 years studying for 3 years, I still didn't pass it.  I know it's not the only way, but it means that I have to try my hard twice as hard as others.

    3 years.

    Now i'm a little upset because of my exam failure. After studying 3 years, still i'm a loser. I know it's not the end. But it means that, now i have to try twice much harder as others.


    No problem brother. It happens, don't lose heart. Be brave. You shall achieve better next time. Wish you good luck.

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