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It seems to me that people always have to believe in something. Nowadays, as Nietzsche said, God is dead. But don´t worry, you can believe in so many different things. One of them is health food. Many people want to have a proper diet. And that is good. But some people are really obsessive about it. They are all day long thinking and talking about food. Proteins are good, milk is bad, you don´t have to eat fish with bread, you don´t have to buy food in supermarkets, because its really bad, etc
But the question is: why people want to have a proper diet? To live more. And why do we want to live more? To do the things we love. But, if you are all day worrying about food, you´re not doing the things you love! And that´s crazy. Take care of your hobbies, your family, your job or whatever thing you really like. And then, and only then, be worried food




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