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useful questions and phrases

It has been a while. thank you for those who followed and added me in their friends' list.
For now, I will just share some phrases which are very useful . all you need to do is memorize /remember, no grammar points for those who hate rules of grammar.
Every language is unique. There are times people can't really explain the nature of the words.

Have a nice day!

How much is this? Magkano ito?
When is this? Kailan ito?
Who is this? Sino ito?
What is this? Ano ito?
Why? Bakit?
How many is this? Ilan ito?
Where is this? Saan ito?

Give me a second. Sandali lang./ Saglit lang.
Go ahead. Mauna ka na.
Sorry for the trouble. Pasensya na sa abala.
I am very sorry. Pasensya na talaga./ Sorry na talaga.
Do you like this? Gusto mo ba ito?
Yes, I do. Oo, gusto ko iyan.
No, I don't. Hindi ko gusto iyan.
Walking through. Makikiraan po.
I have a question. May tanong ako.
What is it? Ano yun?

Locating something, a place, a person...
In Tagalog we have to versions of the question 'WHERE'
Nasaan-- 'where' that we use only to locate. NO Verbs involve

Where is my bag? Nasaan (where) ang (the) bag ko (my)?
Where are you? Nasaan ka?
Where is Manila? Nasaan ang Manila?

Saan--'where' that we use to know where an action is to be done, where an action has happened or an action currently happening.--we use only with VERBS

Where are you going? Saan (where) ka (you) pupunta (will go)?
Where are you going to eat? Saan ka kakain (will eat)?
Where have you been? Saan ka pumunta (went)?
When do you work? Kailan ka nagtatrabaho?

If you have more questions let me know.

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