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i dream

As we know , life don’t only life. We need arouse fervour . so , dream be born .what are dream ? in fact , I think it is so wide range . dream not use a few word to describe its mean . ok ! we can talk about dream . you or me.
I have a dream . make a housewife . I can cooking for my family . perhaps , clear up our garden and household duties . because I think its happiness . not more than , I am a graduate . I need a job . the society are big woman doctrine . woman are independent .




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    I Dream

    As we knowlife don’t isn't only about living. We need to arouse fervourso_dreams be are bornWhat are dreamsIn factI think it is so wide rangingdreams cannot be described in a few words! We can talk about dreamsyours or mine.
    I have a dream to be a housewifeI can cooking for my family Perhaps clear up our garden and do household duties, because I think its happinessnothing more. I am a graduateI need a jobThe society has a big woman doctrinewoman are supposed to be independent.


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    A dream is a goal that you have, together with a willingness to do what it takes to achieve it. If you aren't willing to do what it takes, then it is only an hallucination. Good luck!

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