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conversation using idioms

Hi Marie how are you?
Hi jane I'm good and you?
Marie . No very well
Jane: why what's wrong?
Marie : i text u yesterday but u didn't answer me , I broke up with my boyfriend
That's why I'm calling u now, I know you gonna be happy because I know u don't
Like him, but i feel a downer now, yesterday I cut up all our photos together
Jane: I'm sorry mary , But are u sure that you relationship pant out? Or just drift apart
Anyways why your relationship end?
Marie: well everything was a confused, I was talking with a friend who call me baby,
I know i take the heat I should stop that my friend call me like that, but he's so jealous
Also, all this too close comfort
Jane: well what I can tell u marie relationship end, sometimes maybe u can let someone down
Or mess up but down be a downer ok, we should hang out tonight you should for a change
Marie: yes right , we can plot a course tonight , now I gonna try to doze off , I couldn't sleep all the night
See you tonight Jane
Jane: see you tonight Marie




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