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Rich countries should not employ skilled labor from poor countries, as poor countries need more

Rich countries should not employ skilled labor from poor countries, as poor countries need the workers more. Ag

So vital are skilled labors in development of a country that whether developed countries should give the priority to developing countries to hire them has divided public . My view is richer nations should concern the needs from the poorer one, but the interference to countries’ or individuals’ decisions is not necessary.

Advocates believe developing countries need more technicians by pointing out those workers are more significant to them. Because the desires in impoverished states which refer to not only being survived but also further developing are much more intense than the needs in industrialization countries which merely ask for addressing some vacancies in job market. With this strong willingness, skilled workers such as doctor, designer, engineer, and architect have become the backbone of the society, shouldering the hope of amelioration for a mass of people who just eke out an existence. In the mealtime, insufficient financial resource and well-educated teachers make it harder for barren countries to cultivate those talented people so that they are more rare and precious in these counties than in rich ones. Consequently, advanced countries should never drain of those labors from undeveloped countries.

Nevertheless, those who support rich countries to employ skilled workers from poor ones might argue the matter is irrelevant with the needs. On one hand, it is the fundamental right for any countries to provide employment opportunities openly toward other countries and this way also present the equality that a civilized society could treat others with, even for the poor countries. Thereby, this movement should not be denied by any voices due to the universal values behind it. On the other hand, the substantial effects of rich countries’ employment have exaggerated. Even if poor countries withhold the technicians, they could not provide advanced facilities or financial supports for them to fulfill their value and contribute their society. Also, if those conditions would be offered, any workers will prefer to stay in their motherland where is the place having connections with memories, emotions, families, and friends.

In a nutshell, I concede the statement that there are more unmet demands in poor countries for skilled workers, but I am convinced that to interfere international job market is reasonless. Ins




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