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Some people think that children should do what their parents and teachers tell them to do, while others believe this has negative effects. Discuss both views and give you own opinion.

The topic of whether the children should strictly obey the directions from parents and teachers is of great concern of some people. Different opinions will discuss as follow:

Obviously, it is not only reasonable, but also beneficial when teenagers, in their formative years, follow the guidelines set up by the parents and teachers . They dedicate themselves to raise and cultivate the children so that those who as junior should accept the orders , which is a kind of gratitude and respect shown towards the elders. This is also convinced by the society as a tradition in culture. Besides, it is a fact that the elders never harm children deliberately and always offer the best based on their experiences, which helps teenagers form appropriate behavior patterns and take the right path to success. Thus, it is undeniable that there could be no point in objecting elders’ bidding and it could create utmost benefits to children.

Nevertheless, whether this notion is vindicated is subject to logical disputation, where the blind submissions bring about negative effects in their future lives. It is generally believed that once children grow up, they have to makes decision and take responsibilities by themselves . Getting accustom to follow the instructions make it possible for children to gradually lose the ability of independent thinking and limit their mental development. Another problem is that, in their career lives, they may be not eligible to their jobs. Facing the problem, such kids may unable to find out solutions creatively and keep waiting for passive instructions.

It is, therefore, my belief that doing whatever parents and teacher asked to do is a double-edged sword, which can help or hurt children, so what matters most is how to use it properly.




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