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A little about my strange life. Depression (Part two)

I dropped college even when my teachers asked me to not do so.
I got a job as an assistant teacher, and during a very long time I thought I´ve found my place in this world.
Teaching is great. I have to be careful otherwise I let the classes become a place where we discuss music. Many of my students also like the same kind of music as I do. We can exchange information and tips about bands and new songs.
I also like encouraging young people to follow their dreams, stand for what they love the most and show them the way to get what they need and want.
I love my job, I love teaching, it makes me feel good about myself, because I can do my best and every single day I have something different in life. A new challenge, a new opportunity or a new problem to improve my skills.
I was missing my true self.
But somehow I saw that I could be more and have more from life. I finnally had to admit that it was not living my life the fullest. My relationships sucked for real and I was not completly fullfilling my dreams, I was not being productive and being an underachiever was costing me more than trying harder.
I had to adimit that I was suffering so hard and keep everything as a secret was creating a wall between me and the world around me.
I searched for professional help to treat depression.

{If you have this ability, please, show me how it can be better written, what is not clear, or cloudy, ou sounds stupid etc. Thank you for your time and attention }



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