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I started learn english with school when I was 6 year old, but 10 years late my english is really not good. Why? Because before I didn't want learn english so I didn't listen in class and the TV in english. It was a big mistake. When I was 11 years old I could go in a english class, but for be with my best friend and because I though that too much hard I said no... I will regret my choice all my life. I had a friend who really didn't speak english after this year she was pratically bilingual... After that in the high school the english class were really impossible for me. I wanted speak and understand english but I didn't know why I could not. One summer I had the school in english... And this summer I understund why I didn't speak english. I did nothing for that. When I understand that all my life change. Now I just listen the TV in english , read in english. Now all my life is in english... I don't have have the choice if I want speak english one day... And I take the choice of speak english...



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