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I Doubt There Is Any Love Out There!

I’ve heard something about a couple who went with their boat to the sea to have great moments together!
Perhaps they both would think they are the happiest couple in the world!
I have no clue what happened there, but somehow their boat has collapsed and they have stuck in the water.
Lifesaver said he has seen the man was pushing her wife into the water till he could make himself to stay on the water longer(more?)! He was using her wife as a tool to survive! ( I am murmuring a very strong swear word for him. Do the same please! )

I bet before that incident that woman thought what was between them was a true love!

I wonder which made her to suffer more, while she was dying:the bitterness of drowning or this fact that she has lived with a fake love!

I bet 90% of couple would do the same at the same situation, I was optimistic when I wrote this percentage! you know what I mean :)




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