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The Spaniard's worries

According to the last survey made by the Spanish public sociologic institute (CIS, centro the investigaciones sociológicas), the three most important problems are the unemployment rate, the economic situation and the corruption. Now I'm giving my personal opinion about these topics.

It cannot be denied that unemployment rate is the worry of most of Spaniards. In fact, more than 80% of the survey respondents are concern about this problem. Before the crisis, the Spanish model was based on the construction. When the crisis arrived, many construction companies collapsed. As a result, many people were unemployment. In addition, many companies have made redundancy. The problem is worst for young people (because they don't have experience) and for people who are older than 55 years old.

The second problem is the economic situation. From my point of view, is related with the unemployment. If people don't have a job, they'll have problems with their domestic economy.
The third problem is the corruption. There are several examples: some political parties are under suspicion of illegal financing, the son-in law of the Spanish king is in charge of stealing public money, and the former president of the Spanish Confederation of Industrial Organizations is in prison.




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