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Why do people travel?

Why do people travel? This is a very good question and I believe that it doesn’t have any definite answer, but I think there are several main reasons why people are traveling around the world.
First of all, during your travel you can see a lot of new countries, places, which you are not able to see in your daily life. If you spend whole life in one city between home and work, you miss an opportunity to see beautiful beaches, frozen arctic fields, amazing palaces and so on. Personally, I were stunned when I first time had a trip to Caucasus. I had never in my life seen mountains and when I came out from bus and saw Everest, the highest peak in Europe, I were absolutely speechless. I believe it was the most extraordinary experience in my life, and I think that such experience is the one of the main reason to travel.
The second reason why people travel is the wish to meet new friends. It’s always very interesting to have friends from other countries, because they are very different. They speak different languages, have unique traditions and views, so you can always learn something new. For example, I have one friend from Brazil, whom I have met during my study in the university. Despite of obvious language barrier we were able to talk for hours about really everything. For me it was the one of the most enjoyable ways to spend my free time. Therefore, I believe that people travel to meet new acquaintance around the world.
Moreover, the last reason why people like to travel in my opinion is more routine. Sometimes everyone feel himself tired and sick of daily life. At this moment, having a little trip is the best solution. Only one week on the sea and you are ready to work hard as in young years. So I would like to advise everyone who feel himself exhausted to take a plane and spend a few days wherever you want!
Finally, I wish everyone perfect holidays and I honestly believe that you will enjoy the last month of the summer.




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