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Iran's religious government - part 2

I've wrote about Iranian government in previous notebook and here I want to continue my text.

ّI don't know what other people think about religious government and religious laws. Nowadays I see some Egyptians trying to repeat our mistake in selecting their government. I thinks they don't know anything about a religious government as our (Iranian) parents in 30 years ago.

Lets start with some of our government achievements in these 30 years after Islamic revolution:
1- We have of worst currency in the world. 1USD = 3300 Iran's Tooman. I was 4100 six month ago.
2- Our base employee income in Iran is 500,000 Toomans (152$) And 1,000,000 (300$) to 2,000,000 (600$) Tooman are a good employee income.
3- We are one of worst rank in Internet censorship. In fact Iran is one of biggest Internet Enemies. The government has blocked any online social service like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, ... They've any website or weblog service that is not in Iran and in their controls. They blocked any website that wrote anything against them or objected them.
3- All our politic men are under control of our leader (dictatorship) and nobody could get their positions even if they was worst choose for their responsibility.
4- We have freedom in our newsletters. No newsletter could challenge with any of senior government. We have a especial court for newsletter publications that could close them immediately.
5- We have no private TV/Radio channels and all of them belongs to government to protect and advertise their political or social decisions.
6- We have minimally 30% inflation every year.
7- We could Travel to less than 10 countries with Iranian passport without getting Visa.
8- We have one of worst insurance in health. For example a Heart bypass surgery takes 50,000,000 Toomans in Iran that the doctor takes more than 40,000,000 for own separately and the remain will submitted in hospital's invoice as surgery's cost so Insurance will give you less than of 50% of hospital's invoice.

And in one sentence no freedom no welfare no security and no future.

I thinks Muslims should think more about their decisions and in their elections. Islam and religious could be in their harts and in their minds as a personal thing. A good non religious man could be the best "Secretary of Commerce" but as you can see in Iran all of our senior of government are mullah and you can see the achievements of a religious government.

They do everything they want and they call them god's orders.



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    4- We have no freedom in our newsletters.
    Islam and religious could be in their hearts and in their minds

    P.S: that was good...
    Good luck

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