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Serving with smilling

For how long are we going to live in the land of exile, serving and smiling!
When you are smilling under your heavy load our leaders will say the load is so light that you can smile under it, so they will add to your burden
Our leaders are the next enemy we ought to turn our weapons to but what a pity "illiteracy is a diseas", instead of facing our true enemies we are killing our true friends.
I saw an old-poor man amending a young-rich man's coat with his only rag
Why are you doing this?- "I asked"
I am doing this so I can have my daily bread- said the old-poor man
Is the man going to pay for your cloth also?
With smile on his face he said - No, I am doing this so I can have my daily bread and a place to sleep when the night comes.
But the man you are serving have to consider your age and give you whatever you need without this you are doing.....
You must be a stranger to this town, if not you ought to know that I have been serving this man since I was fourteen.- Said the man
Wow! What a crazy story! Don't you have family to pay for your freedom out of this land of exile- "I asked".
(The man could't help laughing as he heard my statement)
I am the richest man in my family - "said the man".
What a pity! Who is gonna heal this world? I asked myself.
Please Mr. man you got to leave now because you are disturing me and I have to deliver this cloth to my lord before the sun set, so, bye-bye ."Said the old-poor man".
(I turned around and took a walk around the town for that day was my first day in the town).




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