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Chinese to English translation practice, (Erhu music book 3)


I am trying to learn to play the erhu. All the textbooks I have are in Chinese. I am going to try and translate one, or at least what seems to be the most important parts, very slowly of course.
Please can you check my translation of the following Chinese lines. Thank you.

7. 千金:用线,丝弦,有机玻璃,塑料等均可制成。千金要根据手的条件固定在一定的位置,因儿童的手较短小,故位置不能过上或过宽。

7. The qianjin: Qianjins can be made of string, silk, Plexiglas, metal and so on. All are equally good. The qianjins position is fixed according to the hand's condition. Because childrens hands are smaller and shorter, the qianjins position cannot surpass their hand's height or width.

8. 琴马: 对发音也有重要关系,它采用的材料有木,竹,纸,金属等多种,现常用的有松节马,枫木马等。

8. The bridge: The bridge has an important connection to producing sound. There are many types of bridges including, wood, bamboo, paper, metal and so on. The most common ones used now are pine and maple.




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