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McDonalds burger or home-cooked three course dinner?

We are what we eat. As all people are different, this means there are billions of different eating habits. Some people prefer home-cooked food, which is more than understandable when they have a relative with a talent for cooking, and some just don’t bother with this question at all. In my case, my wife likes to cook and I know what she’s capable of, so restaurants are not usually our choice.

However, I can easily imagine situations when I would prefer having a bite of fast food. Many people like travelling, and usually they don’t have any choice except for cafes, restaurants, and local fast food chains, though even the latter can be not the worst choice in some countries where they serve traditional food. On the other hand, even in a foreign country you always can stay at a guest house with a family, which not only helps you to understand traditions and people more, but also gives an opportunity to taste all the local food the way it really should be.

One more point to consider is a health-related issue. It’s common to think that fast food is not healthy, but I really can’t see the difference between a döner and a plate with all the components separately – meat, salad, and bread, which is usually the sample of good food in mother’s eyes. Usually it’s not the food itself, but the way we are used to consume it – either in a good company savoring the flavor of each mouthful, and chewing it well, even when it’s a simple hamburger, or like a robot in a three-minute fuel filling break.

In conclusion, all choices depend on the situation, but it always should be a conscious choice, or at the end your health will dictate you what and how you should eat.




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