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Fast food (part 2)

But, as you know that everything have two sides, if the light side that I mentioned above, so, I will talk dark side afterward. The risk of your healthy deterioration don’t avoid. I have to recognize that there are some ailments as obesity or high blood pressure and so forth as a result of eating too much fast food which has high in fat and salt. Even, the worst consequence is the effective of the future when you are older, maybe you will not image that the result of fast food. But in the modern life, there is more and more industry area where the factory released waste is a culprit of environmental pollution, affect heavy to atmosphere and more and more a chemistry as used a preserve in the food everyday. So, not only the fast food but also in all of food that you use everyday is can be the result of damage your health in the future.
One time more, I emphasize that positive effect of fast food to individual my life and the general society is surpass of its negative effect. Fast food is an inevitable development of the modern life.




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