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Please can you check my translation of this Chinese text please.


Please can you check my translation of the following Chinese text, please. This is a new subject for me, and not a topic I really talk about even in English, so this was a real challenge for me. Because of italki's word limit, you can find my translation in the corrections section.

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    My translation

    In Shanghai you need 100 Yuan before you can buy things, in Beijing you only need 84.1 Yuan and in Guangzhou you need 119.5 Yuan. This is the conclusion of the Shanghai community investigation team after carrying out investigations into the actual living costs in the 9 largest cities in the whole country.

       According to statistics, Guangzhou has the highest prices out of the 9 largest cities. Its currency’s purchasing power is not like the other cities. In Guangzhou daily living costs are 100 Yuan, In Shanghai you only need 84 Yuan to actualise consumption, and in Harbin you only need 64 Yuan. Shanghai is second only to Guangzhou high city prices. In Shanghai it only takes 100 Yuan to actualise resident’s daily living costs, in Harbin it takes only 76 Yuan.

        Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi’an, these cities prices are somewhere in the middle. In these cities you only need to spend 70-75 Yuan to actualise Guangzhou’s daily living cost of 100 Yuan, and only 84-90 Yuan to actualise Shanghai’s 100 Yuan. The lowest prices can be found in Shenyang and Harbin. Their currencies purchasing power is clearly higher than the other 7 cities.

       Because different cities prices are not the same, every cities resident’s actual income cannot equal the currency’s income. Beijing’s prices are quite low; as a result Beijing resident’s actual income ranks first out of all 9 cities. In the same way, Guangzhou’s prices are relatively high, so the income gap between Shanghai and Guangzhou residents is no more than 10%, and is not the 20% difference the residents’ perceive.

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