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Syrian and other people suffering from poverty...

To those who have a shelter, food and water- be grateful. I personally seen so many people suffering from poverty and it saddens me that they go through days, months and years without a proper meal. And they would do anything to actually have a plate full of food for once. I also have contact with Syrian people who in this dreadful crisis, have lost so much. Children are left without parents and are dying of hunger. Its actually really sad when you see people suffer in front of your eyes, and you're simply left feeling guilty. Not because you have everything but simply because you cannot help 'every single individual' suffering on your own. I think people suffering in poverty is a topic that touches me the most. Its horrible.




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    I have noticed relevant news on Syrian civil war for a while . I seem not to find any progress was made over several months in negotiation among several main authorities and UN cannot give any evident solution to this poor country . I believe it it hard to help them  by personal effort . NGO might be a feasible alternative to those refugees . I do not know how to help them indeed . If there is opportunity , I would be glad to be a volunteer to help those refugees . 

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