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popular chinese words:物质 (wùzhì Materialistic )

Hi ,everybody,I am sophia ,a professional Chinese teacher in shanghai,welcome to today's ”Chiese culture“,we wil learning a word called“物质wùzhì” (Materialistic ) .

Origin and Meaning

The phrase 物质(wùzhì) materialistic comes from a poem in Jin Dynasty, and it refers to substance and materials. But with the rapid development of material life, many people are paying more attention to materialistic things while ignoring the spiritual life. So now the phrase, as an adjective, is used to describe someone who is more concerned with material life, such as money, clothes and other objects. 物(wù) refers to matters or objects and 质(zhì) refers to quality.

Usage of the Phrase
e.g. 1.你也太物质了吧。
Nĭ yĕ tài wùzhì le ba.
You are so materialistic.
Bú yào tài wùzhì le, jīngshen shēnghuó yĕ shì hĕn bìyào de.
You shouldn't be so materialistic, for spiritual life is necessary too.

Have you understand the meaning?If you have any question,please feel free to ask me,see you tomorrow!




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