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Depleting Vietnamese user here on italki.

Chao! What I have noticed in the recent past is that not many Vietnamese users left on italki, and the few who left they are not willing to help people with learning Vietnamese. I remember when I first started learning Vietnamese; I received a huge response from Vietnamese people. They were always willing to help foreigners. They were very polite and nice.

But now things have changed. You will hardly see any Vietnamese person here and the few present here, they won’t help you like they used to. I don’t know the exact reason but this is quite depressing now. And I am very near to give up on Vietnamese.

Note: When I started learning Spanish, I thought I won’t get much help but Spanish people have helped me a lot.

Note: Come on Vietnamese people. Step up and help the people willing to learn your language.

Note: Take this entry in a positives sense, no offense intended.




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    Wow! This is the first time i have seen that somebody is really want to learn Vietnamese. Actually, i didnt see many exchange partner here on Itaki. Whenever i searched some Vietnamese post, i found it all was corrected by many other Vietnamese people. So i did no longer have any works to do.

    I guess that i could help you in this issue. Add my skype if you want: shiho_miyano45, and please inform your name in friend request, ok?  

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