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A sad love story

I read this story yesterday.It is a love story with sad ending.
A girl name Serena met Tom on omegle.It is a website for making friends.In fact,most of the people on omegle like to talk about horny stuff.
It was really hard for both of them to know each other.
Serena came from China.Tom came from United Kingdom.
They were chatting everyday on skype and taking each other as a soul mate.
One day,Serena said:"i like you,but that is not love."
and Tom replied:"Thanks,i like you too,but that is not love."
At that time,i think Serena was not love Tom yet.
I remember that Tom have said:"I can't imagine if i fall in love with a girl that is totally from a different country."
Day after day,Serena fall in love on Tom.
She did not have the courage to confess her love.She worried that they even cannot be friend if he refuse her.
The climax is here.
Nevertheless,Serena cannot control her feeling anymore.When she travelled to Cambodia,she told Tom:"i like you!" on Facebook.
After a long long time,there was a reply eventually."Sorry."he said and disappeared .
Serena was sad .
A few days later, she get an friend request.It was adam,Tom's friend.
Adam told Serena he was at Guangzhou(a state of China) now and Tom have asked him to pass something to her.
Serena accepted it without any hesitation.
That day,Adam gave Serena a bag filled with a postcard,a letter and a drawing.
Besides,Adam told her Tom has a girlfriend already.
Serena was heartbroken totally.
THE END..................
Serena:"i like you,but that is not love."
Actually she would like to say:"i like you,but that cannot be love."




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