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Turkish Drama (Part 1)

I have been trying from a long time to write this entry. But I get involved in writing different series so much that I almost forgot about this topic. Well, my today’s topic is “Turkish drama” or “Turkish drama serials in Pakistan” to be more precise.

It’s been a year now since different channels are broadcasting Turkish serials in Pakistan. It started with a very classy Tv series named as “Fatima Gul” here in Pakistan or “Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?” in Turkish. It was a nice series as a whole and it has even attracted my dad as well to watch it. My dad normally doesn’t like to watch drama series. He only watches News or sports channel sometime but damn these series were so addictive that even he started to watch it regularly.

Most of these series were dubbed in Urdu. When I first watched an episode of these drama series, I was so impressed by their attitude. But later I was like, hey wait it’s just dubbed voices. What I have experienced about Turkish people is little different I would say.

Turkish people are beautiful I must say. Their way of living is great. They follow rules, they respect each other. No matter what happens, they always put on their seat belts. Keep their house clean. And they don’t feel shy to do any work no matter how small it is. This is what I have accessed from these Tv series.

I don’t know the reality but later what I have seen in these drama serials, it was a disaster.

Note: I will write the dark aspects in next entry.

Thanks for tolerating me guys.




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