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I'm sorry for trying to speak Chinese in China!... :/ Learning Chinese in Shanghai...


Well I'm not really sorry...I was at a house party. I approached a Chinese girl and started speaking Chinese to her; she looked at me funny then asked 'Why are you speaking Chinese?' It made me laugh.

The point is, there are so many foreigners in Shanghai - so many of whom speak NO Chinese - that the expectation isn't there, there's no obligation apart from that which you enforce on yourself. I feel like learning Chinese in Shanghai is much more difficult compared to a tier 2 city because it's really easy to live a 'normal' life here without speaking Chinese.

Living in Wenzhou was more fun in that respect - I had so many awkward conversations where I had to act out what I wanted, and bargain with 售货员 by pulling faces. If you're coming to China for a holiday then fine, maybe learning Chinese is too much. But if you plan to stay for a couple of months, you should at least make an effort.
It's part of the fun!




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