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Exercise: Letter to My Visiting Relative


A family member is coming to stay with you. He/she will be arriving by train in the morning, but you won't be home until the evening.

Write a letter to your relative. In your letter:

explain arrangements you have made for them to have keys and get into the house
tell your relative how to get from the train station to your house
say when you will be home and suggest what you could do together that evening


Dear John,

I’ve been waiting anxiously for your visit to Shanghai for the World Expo, and I’m glad you’re coming tomorrow morning. But unfortunately, I’m really sorry to say I’ll have to attend and important meeting tomorrow and won’t be able to return home until the evening. So, I’m afraid you’ll have to get to my home on your own and stay here alone.

First, after your train arrives in Shanghai, walk out of the station and there’ll be a metro station nearby. Ask passersby if you can’t find the way. Then take metro Line Three and get off at Century Park. My home is just five minutes’ walk from the metro station, and its address is enclosed with the letter.

As you don’t have the key to my house, you’ll have difficulties getting into it. Next to my house, there lives my neighbour, who’s a kind friend of mine, called Aunt Nancy. I’ve told her about you, so just greet her and say who you are. She’ll give you the key.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. We’ll have beers in tomorrow evening’s dinner party. Out other relatives will also join the party.

Lots of love,




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