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Our Next-Door Neighbor

My Shih Tzu dog has got a huge crush on our next-door neighbor.
It was her birthday the other my Shih Tzu( should i use "he"?) delivered a birthday basket to her at the night.
She said "Oh Wow" when she opened the door and saw him with flowers, standing there.The surprise ended up being perfect.He was happy and just ran and ran,back and forth in front of her and excited peeing, Ooops..
She always gives him lots of love, Of course she is really nice to me.

Most people who live in the big city, especially people who live in apartment,tends to does not even know their neighbor's last names. I have heard that sometimes they have been having issues about pet for some reason, with their neighbors. Fortunately, these things has never happened to me before, so far.
I think we should being well mannered owners anytime and anywhere, to others who has no pet or not, for keeping our man's best friend comfortable and safe.

Also I feel very lucky to have a nice good next-door neighbor.Sometimes my another one keeps bark at her when she is feeding our stray cat visitors,though...
I know how much I am going to miss this wonderfully neighbor when we move,anyways...


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  • Ai
  • Jul 30, 2013
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