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I've started taking lessons in Irish! (If you're curious - through italki, from Maidhc, and yes, I would highly recommend him.)

So far I've only done one lesson and another may or may not happen today (if it doesn't, I claim responsibility due to not giving the teacher enough notice). I'm going to type out a little of what I learned, to see how much I remember from my notes. Here goes...

Tá mé: I am
Tá tú: you are
Tá sé: he is
Tá sí: she is
Tá muid: we are
Tá sibh: you are (plural)
Tá siad: they are

And cue me realizing the iPad I'm using is low on power and that I have to stop typing and go plug it in.

Slán! (Wait. There's a fada on that a, right?)




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