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I have been back and forth between Tokyo and California for these last four years and now I am totally stuck in here with my dogs, for some reason. I am faced with the three of the difficult things such as; some complex paperwork, my apartment issue and the most biggest one is one of my dogs his health condition.
As for any paperwork which needs complete various procedures to do anything in Japan, are very strict and takes too much times and energy.As far as I know from my experience, also just my opinion, the paperwork in California are more easier than Japan.
When I want to throw over-sized stuff like an old sofa, it will takes a couple of weeks at least to be completed.
As for my dog health issues, it was supposed to be waiting for his coughs goes away and his back pain settle down through his "Strict Cage Rest".
But our vet suspects he might have another health issue which needs pathological test for send to lab.
Which means he needs surgery like cutting his tiny tissue off from his part, for some test.
I am just starting to realize that it is NOT a friendly issues. We have went through many problems before, but I need to be more strong, more patient and go through it all for my both dogs. Then they will be coming back with me to the West Coast.. Hey you LAX, Just wait for us, be back soon with a positive result!


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  • Ai
  • Aug 03, 2013
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