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Nice to meet you!

'Leuk je te ontmoeten'? 'Aangenaam'? Of 'prettig kennis met jou te maken'? What's the best, most 'natural' way to say 'nice to meet you'? :)



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    As Ron mentioned, there are varying degrees of formality and tone. Take just the first as an example.


    'Leuk (om) je te ontmoeten'

    There are a million variations on this. Replace "leuk" with "fijn" or "een plezier" or even "goed." The dutch tend to say exactly what they think of a given situation, so there are a lot of variations


    'Leuk je te ontmoeten'

    This is the most common phrase to use. Dutch people tend to use 'leuk' a lot. It is pretty informal.




    Is normally used to introduce: 'ik ben Aga, aangenaam'

    I can answer by saying: 'Ik ben Ron, aangenaam'



    'prettig kennis met jou te maken'

    Not wrong but this phrase is hardly used because it is formal and a little bit out of date.

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